Behind-The-Scenes: 2 Good 2 Be True ‘mansion crew’ makes the cutest TikTok videos!

The stars of 2 Good 2 Be True find different ways to bond while stuck in a taping bubble, and their ultimate happy-vibe activity is… making TikTok videos. Every clip is guaranteed to make you smile!

So, if you’re in need of some good vibes, here are the best TikTok videos from 2G2BT’s mansion peeps.  

Entry number one: the mansion crew says, “hey!” What better way to start the day than to share smiles and fresh energy with your co-workers? The 2G2BT set is no doubt a happy bubble!


@alyssamuhlach Saying HEY to all the #2Good2BeTrue ♬ original sound - Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez


We bet you haven’t seen Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla in a TikTok video before. So, here’s KathNiel taking on the Drop Challenge with the gang:


@alyssamuhlach Team 2G2BT #DropChallenge #KathNiel ♬ Yoncé - Atsuko Okatsuka


Director Mae Cruz-Alviar shared a separate reel to reveal her actors’ effort to perfect their TikTok entry.



Via Antonio is a ball of sunshine as Chubs in the series. Her character is funny without even trying. It turns out she’s even funnier off-cam. We just hope she doesn’t burn her ‘sinaing’ because of too much TikTok.


@via_antonio Chubs on a break! Wala pang inin na sinaing so pwede naman magdance yan zya. Ü #chubsonaweekend #foryoupage #tiktokph #somethingnew ♬ Something New - Zendaya


Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez) isn’t always strict and moody. Off-cam, he has swag and charisma to show off in a dance cover.


@via_antonio This is really #SomethingNew how the marites spend their time together with Lolo Hugo ✨ #2G2bt set #tiktokph #foryou @pamupamorada @jherramos ♬ Something New - Zendaya


Sometimes he cheats on his diet and hides behind the piano. Nurse Ali wouldn’t know, for sure.



A post shared by Ron Gibbs (@tito.ron.valdez)


Apart from LoyAl, MarKap, and ReTox, fans also ship Chubs and Tino (Hyubs Azarcon)’s tandem. Well, if Tino, the loyal ‘hardinero,’ can make flowers grow, he sure knows how to cultivate love, too.


@via_antonio Walang tanghalian ngayon mga kamansyon. Tiktok lang, sapat na! #chutino #chubs #tino #2g2bt #tiktokph #foryoupage ♬ BROWN EYES DANCE CHALLENGE - kimshymoves on IG


When the boss is away, the Team Marites will play. The energy they get ‘pag may bagong chismis:


@via_antonio Wala kami masyadong energy today kaya lowkey lang kami dito. So aun, sana masarap ung panulak mo nung dinner maliban sa tubig ✨ #foryourpage #tiktokphilippines @Jherome Ramos @Pamu Pamorada ♬ Because of you by - NiñoCeniza🔥


Chubs wins at being the most energetic crew at Lolo Hugo’s mansion.


@via_antonio Ok muntik pang hindi umabot. Oo na ms ali nandito na ang sanwech ni sir Hugo. 🥪 #iseeyouchallenge #tiktokphilippines #tiktokph #foryoupage ♬ ZOOM - Jessi


“Ang daming utos from left to right,” she says. Nevertheless, kitchen errands can’t stop her from doing all these TikTok dance challenges.   


@via_antonio Forda Boredom!!! @gillianvicencio @Pamu Pamorada @Bianca De Vera ♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE - Curtis Roach


In the next video, Via, Pamu Pamorada, Gillian Vicencio, and Bianca De Vera tried different hilariously creative poses just because they are, well, bored.


@via_antonio Dali dance dance yan zya before masigawan ni Sir Hugo! Daming gagawin left & right… #leftandrightchallenge #tiktokph #tiktokphilippines #foryoupage #fypage ♬ Left And Right (Speed Up) - jjqrks


Apart from her moves, Via aka Chubs has a golden voice, too. She got so ‘kilig’ when Daniel asked her to be his duet partner for “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” during one of their special dinner gatherings in the bubble. 


@via_antonio Isang… Malaking karangalan na makasama sa pagkanta. Ung “duet naman tayo”… ang lupet nun Mr Moonlight! Hindi naman halata na nauntog ako sa galak. Gusto ko sana pumasok sa monitor eh. Kaso hindi ako kasya. 😅 love this song! #tiktokph #foryoupage #danielpadilla #chubs #2g2bt ♬ original sound - Via Antonio 🇵🇭


Watch out for more TikTok videos from the 2 Good 2 Be True cast.

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