Julia’s comeback series “24/7” an instant hit

Julia Montes’ return to television was an instant hit among viewers nationwide as her weekly action-drama series 24/7 became the number one show last Sunday (February 23).

The series’ pilot episode recorded a national TV rating of 27%, compared to its rival show “Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko” (17.1%), according to data from Kantar Media.

Praises also poured in on social media for the series’ fast pace and the cast’s impressive portrayal.
“Dreamscape (unit’s) take on a scifi material for a series is impressive: the plot twist was mind blowing, the timeslot was refreshing, the story was fast paced, great cinematography, powerhouse casting, and it is led by THE Julia Montes? Now that is how we define a world-class series,” said Twitter user @maraxschnittka.

“24/7 is the show we all ever wanted. It raised a high standard at what we should expect for a Filipino show. For international (release)! Julia Montes is so good,” said fan @gilperez365.

“I love the story and what surprised me the most is the end part of this episode. It’s not just about a parasite or dengue epidemic, but it’s also about time and a chance to change the tragic story of her mother,” YouTube user Prince Jay Amper commented.

The series’ first episode saw Mia (Julia), a security guard who died after attempting to get the vaccine that would save her dying son Xavier from the new strain of dengue.

However, a puzzling twist surprised viewers because as the all-grown up Xavier, played by Tony Labrusca, presented his invention at an event in the year 2045, time suddenly travelled back to 2020 at Mia’s home, a few days before her death.

How will Xavier’s invention help Mia fix the truth?

Watch the first weekly action-drama on TV 24/7 on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD (SkyCable ch 167).